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Абвяшчаючы Фарміраванне бітнікаў часопіса Broadcast


An Online Magazine for the Broadcast Industry and its People –

Technical, Artists, Manufacturers & Amateurs


Сайт - www.broadcastbeat.com – has recently emerged as the major source for major studio industry personnel and manufacturers of the technology used in the studio industry, with breaking news, podcasts, studio industry career information and much, much MORE.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (GCOMM) December 9, 2013 – “Broadcast Beat” has made it to the scene and is attracting some attention in the broadcast & studio industry. broadcastbeat.com.

Broadcast Beat is on-the-spot, ready to care for the past and explore the current, while discovering the future of communications media – whether across the Internet, on your phone or tablet, or any way else conceivable, with content delivered on demand to where (and when) you want it.  In addition, Broadcast Beat looks at new and emerging tech and presents it from the viewpoint that will interest both those in the industry and those outside.

As the industry’s leading monthly global publication featuring articles by experienced engineers, Broadcast Удар is a “must-read” as it gives not only peer-to-peer insight on the technical information that matters most in the design, building & maintenance of broadcast & production facilities in the digital era, but also materials relating to education & training, branding and lead generation – offering solutions that help professionals excel at their job & keep vendors in touch with the market.

З злучэннямі на ўсіх вядучых фірмаў у галіне сувязяў з грамадскасцю, у тым ліку такіх арганізацый, як NAB, SMPTE, NATAS, SBE Broadcast Удар забяспечвае прамыя ўваходы ў серверных сістэмы вэб-сайце, што дае магчымасць выпускаць навіны LIVE (24 / 7) без умяшання чалавека.

So many areas, so much to cover – but Broadcast Beat will be there to ensure that you’re there.  Daily blogs will help keep you up-to-date on the ever-changing media industry from the tiniest of fluctuations to the major modifications. 



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Тэлефон: (855) 44-BBEAT

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